A Man and His Leather Sofa

Leather SofaThe leather sofa makes a bold statement of personal taste; a confidence in aesthetic and a vision that is quickly respected. Which is probably why Leathers sofas are so popular amongst bachelors and men of the world. These days it is expected of men to be knowledgeable of designing trends and to use that knowledge to make a personal statement about who they are. For many men, leather is the new black.

The award winning Tres leather sofa conveys a casual confidence in its adventurous design by John Charles, which is belied by its seemingly simple construction. Its an obstinate contemporary design that fuses the end table into the functioning composition of the leather sofa without sacrificing comfort or seat. The sectional arm allows you a chance to entertain or recline and relax alone are as adventurous as they come.

The Braxton however, has a very traditional flair for a leather sofa, dressed in a no-nonsense classic simplicity. It is a leather sofa”s leather sofa with bowed arms and a dignified silhouette that tries to be nothing more than it is – pure excellence. If you are looking for a rugged sofa made of well treated hide, the Braxton is a good option.

Another straight forward and more modern chair is the Ekornes Manhattan leather sofa which comes in Paloma black and Paloma sand. This chair has a very tropical feel that is tamed by its rich yet subdued colours. The framing and exposed wood are teak, which is a soft light coloured wood that enhances the leather sofa’s casual and calming design.

Modern design as it did in the late19th and early to mid 20th century, has taken a turn to tastes full masculinity, hence the popularity of leather sofas. The popularity of leather led to new and innovative designs while classical designs have found a place amongst the herd. All the rustic beauty of older leather design has been fused with modern functionality and breathed new life into leather sofa sales.

Finally from Stressless there is the Wave low back. It has a European manner for a leather sofa, and a composed sense of purpose in its flexible back supporting design. This leather chair matches functionality with artistry and is meant to allow you to flow into a place beyond relaxation on well upholstered leather seats. The Stressless leather sofa is tuned to be a companion to your spine and to bring support to your body.

And the ultimate in glamorous seating, we introduce  The Luxe as it makes a sophisticated statement that brings back Deco in it’s most fabulous form. The ultimate loft seating choice!

The purchase of a leather chair is an important decision for a man to make and is considered by many to be the first step in owning your interior life and aesthetic personality. Have fun learning about the myriad of different textures of leather and designs available amongst the leather sofas in the catalogue. Consider how the leather sofa can be your inspiration for a whole new living room.

Buying Home Furnishings – Questions To Ask Furniture Dealers

Furniture Dealers When you are looking for home furnishings such as a desk for your home you should be ready to ask certain questions of the furniture dealers. The desk is an important utility for the office or home and there are a few thing that should be kept in mind before you decide to stock your room with something of quality that will last you for years.

All good furniture dealers will inform you that in the work or home office the desk is paramount to the functionality and design of the room. As a table it is integral for reading and writing and often, thanks to the intelligent design and placement of drawers, an ideal place for the storage of documents. You should ask furniture dealers about whether or not their models comes with adequate table surface and storage space.

Prior to the 80”s desks were used only for writing paper work, business negotiations and storage but as the computer revolution took hold the necessity for alternative designs became evident. Furniture dealers began stocking desk with sliding panels for keyboards and mouse pads and alcoves for computer towers and printers until finally what had been known as a work desk was something very different.  With U-shape surfaces to accommodate monitors and printers, this revolution showed that the humble desk could evolve as quickly as the work world.

However there are some classical derivatives that furniture dealers can introduce you too. The campaign bedroom desk is a simple yet elegant design that calls back to a time when steam trunks were available in abundance. This desk is for the bedroom and as such it is a much more stripped down model than you will usually find. The Brownstone desk is a unique blend of leather, fabric and wood that will be a grand edition to your room and any top furniture dealer”s show piece.

Another good piece the furniture dealers may guide you to is the Viniterra executive desk this is a very advanced and forward minded piece of furnishing. It comes with two spacious file drawers, four standard drawers and an innovative pull out writing space on the visitor side, two large doors with adjustable shelves that provide yet more storage space. You should ask furniture dealers about the space available in the desk you purchase because that is one of the most important components of a good office desk.

A much more modern office desk, the Wailea executive office desk offers the contemporary affectations furniture dealers know many customers are after.  The Wailea executive desk is a very advanced and forward minded piece of furnishing complete with two sleek file drawers.

When you are shopping for a desk for your home remember that responsible furniture dealers are your most valuable asset. You should come prepared with knowledge of what you need out of your new desk, and do your best to convey this to the furniture dealers you consult – be sure and look through the catalogue to get a clear idea of what you need.

Incorporating Leather Couches Into Interior Design

When you consider decorating your living room never take a hands off approach. Even the most affluent person can benefit greatly from being involved in their home’s interior design process. So if you are a fan of leather couches considering what model might fit into your home there are some things to do before visiting a retailer on your own or even a decorator.

Leather Couches At its core, interior design involves a convergence of ideas based on a theme, utilizing creativity and technical solutions to create a liveable environment. The unifying concepts that direct interior design are based on coordinated themes and methodologies founded on an analysis of the living space. So let’s consider how leather couches can be integrated thematically into the motif of our living room in a logical and organized manner.

The sofa is a probably one of the most important components for the living room and they require a special scrutiny and attention all on their own. Some lean toward the art deco school of high design, while others seek to incorporate themselves into the urban mystery by exploring the mid- 20th century design for inspiration. Minimalism is a very popular motif for leather couches as, by nature, the reduction of an object to its most functional components, and the piece often becomes a form of functional art.

A strong example of minimalism in leather couches is the Alessandro sofa, as it is elegant in its simple design, boasting a conflagration of simple rectangles, strong lines draped in leather over a simple frame skeleton. The simple metal legs and the restrictive boxy cushioning, made from soy-based eco-friendly foam, is an innovation amongst genuine hide couches.

As a reaction to the stoic emptiness that followed the era directly after the First World War, Art deco is a dynamic and ostentatious example of reactionary design in its bold colours and vestigial ornaments. Ornaments have been a part of the legacy of leather since before the term art deco was invented. The Tibouron leather sofa, grandiose in design amongst these couches, leans more toward the art deco influence in its dynamic rich red tinted leather and studded decorations along the arms.

For a sure bet, the Kaden is a bit of an anomaly amongst the designer leather couches because of its chameleon like ability to fit into any sort decor. These couches are easily compatible with the mid 20th century design aesthetics, which mimic the architecture of the urban environment, in an attempt to bring them into the home. Unlike many leather couches the Kaden can be dressed to fit the the more stark thematically challenging aspects of mid 20th century design.

There are many ways to tie a room together. Leather couches are amongst the most utilitarian examples of designer furniture that can do this, and can be placed amongst many different motifs, depending on whether you are looking for extravagance or contemplation. Have a look at the catalogue and check out the expansive variety of designer leather couches available.

How To Buy Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture Before you decide to rush out and start accumulating furniture to take your home to the next level of design you should know what you are stepping into. Of course we”ll be there to help you; to guide you through the jargon and the infinite possibilities; we will also provide you with a little crash course. The two main schools of designer furniture are contemporary and modern and each has its aesthetic and functional pros and cons so you should know a bit of background.

Modernism in designer furniture started around the early 20th century; De Stijl, Bauhaus, Werkstatte, Wiener, Art Deco, designers were all part of this early modernist movement. The key schools were the Bauhaus and Art Deco movements, which had a clean stream lined style.

What is often referred to as Post-modern design can be placed into the same category as modern design aesthetically, but not chronologically. Post modern designer furniture mixes elements of the Pop art movement, grew out of the1960s and 70s, and became popular in the 80s. This section of the modern movement was spurred on by the buying power of the elite collector, who looked for the novelty as well as attractive design in their furnishings.

The Contemporary movement of designer furniture grew out of the post-modern movement and is characterized by a return to natural, organic shapes. Recently, contemporary furniture designers have decided to go green, responding to the zeitgeist of the moment and the concerns of the environmental movement with Ecodesign. However the majority of post modern designers have been focusing there attention on pushing furniture design back into the realm of nature.

The cascade bedroom suite is an example of the calming effect that comes from modern designer furniture. The suite comes with classic sled bed features that speak to the 50”s modern sensibilities, and metal inlay on the headboard giving it character. The presence of dark wood is another feature you will find in many pieces of modern furniture.

The ultra-modern Michael Weiss Rivington King Metal Bed is true to its name in its composition with a robust geometric design. Definitely a daring piece of designer furniture with its black outline and loft vibe adding a sense of grounding and makes a fashion forward statement to any bedroom.

Owning designer furniture is about finding the style that fits you, and the first step in figuring this out is learning and shopping carefully. Knowing the difference between modern and contemporary design will give you an advantage. So strap in and take some bold steps in buying from our fabulous designer furniture catalogue and finally  have these exclusive and unique pieces in your home.

Sofa Beds – More Popular Than You Might Think!

Furnishing is all about utility and in furniture design there are few designs with as many uses as sofa beds. Imagine you have spent the first day of a long weekend with a collection of friends you haven’t seen in years and the night is getting short. You live in a single bedroom and you’re not going to put your friend on the floor. So what do you do? Sofa beds turn your living room into a guest room with ingenious mechanics and like all necessities, with an extra bed it’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have.

Sofa Beds Sofa beds typically feature a pull-out mattress under their cushions and often come with couch pillows that double as regular pillows. These are different for futons because futons are actually composed of the mattress rather than being a part of them. Sofa beds were pioneered in the 50”s but made popular during the 60”s and 70”s. Now with more people living in apartments, they are becoming a useful way to save space in the home.

The Patterson is at first observation a very simple if quaint design. It features fine upholstery and back cushions with dimple buttons and simple mid-range back and arms. Of course the simple design is meant to belie the fact that these beds hide a comfortable mattress. It is small and unassuming enough that your guest will appreciate the effort you put in the purchase.

Natasha sofa beds are a well valued award winning sleepers that are great for an apartment or a  guest. In many ways its simple design is similar to the Patterson but it is larger and has a much higher back meaning it may well be as comfortable to sit in as it is to sleep on. It features a Tiffany platform that gives it added comfort and is a perfect size for an apartment. It comes in Cot size, Twin, full, Queen or queen plus.

An investment in the Connor is an investment in style. These beds are suede leather upholstered and also feature the Tiffany platform system. The fine suede is luxuriant so that you enjoy its feel against you skin while the mattress will leave your over night guest well rested and satisfied. Connor sofa beds are designed specifically with the sleeper in mind, come in a variety of sizes and fit through narrow hallways and doorways with ease.

If you want to start trends and be accommodating and hip then the Sly Deluxe is made for you.

You could find these beds in a trendy single hipster apartment or studio in Montreal, New York, Toronto or San Francisco. These metal framed minimalist sofa beds a composed of two large rectangular cushions /mattresses that recline and combine to form a bed. The conversion time is quick and the look is unquestionably contemporary and hip. Size won’t be an issue because these items were made with elevators, narrow hallways and tight spaces in mind.

Good sofa beds will save you space, time and money and let your friends and guests know just how dependable and prepared you are – have a look through our catalogue and see which will fit your lifestyle.

How Leather Furniture Is Taking Back The World

Leather Furniture Our relationship with leather and leather furniture is a complex one. Leather has always had the ability to convey authority and respectability, vicariously amongst its owner. In the American west owners of fine leather were often wealthy landlords, while the people in possession of durable, worn leather were capable of living off the fat of the land. When you go shopping for leather furniture there is a wealth of information you will need to make an informed decision.

The history of leather informs on its composition, and its character. The beginning of its use as upholstery material for leather furniture can be traced back to the Renaissance period. Later, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, craftsmen toiled to perfect their techniques; painting, tooling, gliding, and embossing leather and using decorative brass and metal nails. By the eighteenth century, the art of preserving hides and tanning them into fine leather upholstery was an old and respected trade.

These are the skills that have been perfected an industrialized by modern manufactures as the industrial revolution turned old world guilds into corporations. Now leather furniture is a booming industry, but still the most profitable producers utilize updated classic techniques to give their customers valuable quality.

The Lennon Sectional is a prime example of a contemporary leather furniture design, rendered through nearly classical means. The leather is trained and formed to create a design of seamless minimalism using the classical practice of molding and tanning. Leather has had no problem being integrated into the less ornate straight forward designs of the day and it is the versatility of the material that makes this possible.

The Frankie is designed well outside of what might seem the norm of leather furniture. The front and seat is flush, flat plains shaped hide while the back is curved into a cup like shape that is both pleasing to the eye and spine, almost feminine shape; a vast diversion from the turn of the century leather furniture manufactures styles.

Finally at the end there is the Odyssey which looks like a of piece leather furniture that would be more at home on a space ship than a living room. But the Odyssey still has remnants of quality hand-crafted furniture design in its stressed hide and uniquely molded curves. This piece shows that there are very few boundaries which leather furniture cannot cross. It is an adventurous piece that is as bold as its ancestors.

If you consider the attributes of these pieces, the innovations and reaching back to classic technique you can surely see why owning one of these would be something you would definitely want to consider – study the catalogues and leather furniture that inspires your sensibilities.

Home Furniture: A Tour Through The Modern Home

When you look around your house, when you walk through your home, do you see a collection of rooms filled with random, strewn pieces of home furniture? Or do you see a flowing narrative of design held together by a common artistic theme? Do you see colours mingling together to create something greater than a collection of beds, chairs, desks and walls that happen to make a house? If you take your time to walk consciously through your home you will see a thousand possibilities for artistic detail.

Home Furniture

Designers see the home as a template for the decorative arts. Dressers, drawers, tables and chairs are not simply utilities but symbolic representations of the people who inhabit a home, a way of imparting to guest the aesthetic and personal values of the people who live between the walls. There is a need for comfort and convenience in the interior living space and home furniture is part of that desire to find solace in the home.

In the living room, where people relax and begin to let the day unwind there is a need for comfortable home furniture and the ability to let body and mind recline and consider the hours before you arrive home. It is also the primary place for entertainment. The Stressless Eldorado three seat sofa is flexible and individually reclining backs allowing each of the three occupants time to enjoy a film a television show or a nice movie. This example of home furniture is so flexible that it seems to mould itself to your form as a good living room should.

The dining room is the place for repast, where people go to eat and relax. However there is a level of presentation that requires the home furniture to have an almost casually imperious quality such as the Litchfield Dining Table – a European Vintage table that fuses this sort righteous relaxation effectively. Its pine veneer is stately but not overly officious, imparting a calm grace over the meal. Also there is the option of personalizing the table further with artistic design to deepen your connection to the home furniture and the room.

Finally there is the bedroom named after that most integral piece of home furniture, the bed. The Brownstone Upholstered Headboard Bed is a sophisticated execution of home furniture design that is both elegant and one of a kind. The design is inspired by the Mid-Century Modern Era, with a wooden box base and an upholstered head board. It is crafted of birch wood and cherry with a deep finish and brass inlays. The proportions are elegant and well arranged for a relaxing sleep on a soft mattress.

As you walk through your home consider how you live there. The home furniture you purchase should compliment your moods and the atmosphere you wish to inhabit. Our catalogue can help you find the home furniture that will positively transform your world.

Designer Dining Furniture: You Are Where You Eat

Dining Furniture

How important is dining furniture? Imagine the best meal you have ever had; a sumptuous meal that will be the beginning to a perfect evening or the end of a captivating one. Now imagine where you will enjoy it. It is clear that your environment and you dining furniture in particular enhances the experience of enjoying a meal. And that you could go further by understanding that the people you dine with will appreciate the taste you invest in your decor as well as in your food.

There are a couple of ways you can allow your dining room to speak for you. You can opt for the traditional or the more contemporary designs. It is important that you find dining furniture that accompanies your décor. The way you choose to design your home says that you are looking to impress with regal airs or welcome with a warm atmosphere. Be discerning and try to look for furniture that sends the correct message.

Remember to look for dining furniture made only from solid hardwood and other quality materials with good reliable construction. At one time entering the dining room was an event in itself and the dress people wore was meant to fit that arena, so be prepared to consider what sort of meals you will be sitting down for. Fine dining furniture will last you for years and maybe even generation so you should treat shopping like looking into an investment.

If you would like your dining furniture to lean in an elegant direction then the Modern Dining Table by Vanguard is a good piece upon which you can build a great dining room theme. Remember that this table is an investment and the environment it is placed in is crucial. Avoid high traffic areas where accidents are likely to happen and remember to dust and polish regularly for the sake of the wood.

A good addition to your dining room is the leather dining chair. It is designed with a metal frame, a tall back and upholstered in quality hide leather, coming in a wide range of colours including dark brown, natural ivory, and black. This chair is an example of simple elegant dining furniture and the range of colours gives you so many options; you can dress your dining room to suit you.

A very elegant piece of dining furniture, the Palatine Side Chair comes with a tall, tapered back that sweeps down to the legs at the back. The design of the Palatine draws your eye past the arch through the front of the seat to the back legs. The chair has a sweeping grace that will make your meals a calming majestic affair.

The Victoria table is an example of heirloom dining furniture that will also provide you with a sense of calm while dining. It is made from 100 year old reclaimed cypress wood that is full of natural beauty and aged quality. The table is hand-crafted and hand finished, which will give your dining room a kind of warming classical sensibility.

More than any other room the dining room is a place for guest and gathering, as a consequence it is a place where the most scrutiny takes place. So, your dining furniture should reflect an appealing atmosphere that showcases your taste and style. Remember you are where you eat, take control what your dining furniture says about you, and have a look through our catalogue.

Coffee Tables In The Modern Home: A History Of Functional Class

Coffee Table

It may seem that the coffee table would be a furnishing after thought. More attention is usually paid to the sofa or dining table. But a good designer will inform you that a well selected table draws the eye and can be the center piece of a thoroughly modern home.

Initially in Europe, tables specifically designed as coffee tables, appeared in Britain around the late Victorian era. It was during this time that the saying “gather round the coffee table” was coined, referring to the way people would congregate around the table and enjoy a beverage and a light chat.

Before the 18th century, the table was used in Europe in conjunction with a settee; a wooden bench with a high back, long enough for three or four people. Around 1780, the settle was replaced by more comfortable, low back sofas leading to the development of sofa tables, which were used by anyone sitting on the sofa to place a book or a cup.

By around the late 19th century onwards, a lot of coffee tables were throw-back designs inspired by earlier styles, as part of the then popular revivalism movement. You would find Louis XVI style tables and Georgian style coffee tables during this period. But still before this time there were no real references to the coffee table. However there are references to the use of similar tables recorded in the ancient Greek era, after the Roman conquest of North-East Africa.

The coffee or cock-tail table is usually a long low table meant to be placed in front of the sofa. It is the place for beverages, magazines and books and the like. This is why so much attention should be paid to your selection of a table. You should be aware of what sort of coasters you will use in order to properly compliment your table. Some tables feature storage compartments, which you may want to consider when thinking of how the table will function in your home.

The square cocktail table from the —- collection is a bit of a throw-back piece that harkens to the Victorian era, with a bit of shaker influence thrown in to account for its worn look. Generous in scale and function, this columned, planked oak cocktail table is a great casual complement to the aged iron and oak tables of the Parisian loft collection.

If you are looking for a more modern theme for your living or sitting room, then the oval cocktail table would be a perfect addition. This handsome oval shaped cocktail table of aged iron and oak in 1940”s French Industrial style.

As an alternative to the oval coffee table, the square Michael Weiss Modern coffee table is a more dynamic choice. Its simplicity shows how far the architectural elements abound in this functional adaptation of a French Industrial work table in aged iron and oak, have influenced the design.

You should keep the history of the coffee table in mind when shopping for your next addition. There is a rich story behind the evolution of the coffee table that informs on even its more modern designs. We can assist you in making the right decision on purchasing the nexus of your living space.

A Short History Of End Tables

End tables are an important part of tying your living room together and they have been for as long as people have been trying to make living rooms liveable. Even the most minor piece of furnishing can impact the overall composure of a room, there is no such thing as an unimportant piece of furniture.

End Table

The Egyptians crafted early end tables which were little more than platforms made from metal or stone and only made to keep things off the floor, people still sat on the floor. The Chinese created early tables for writing calligraphy and painting. In these instances the table was a utility for a creation not a necessity for relaxation and furnishing.

The Greeks and Romans were the first to make use of the table for eating, and they had a peculiar habit of shoving the table under their beds after they were done with them. As with much in Roman and Greek culture these tables were made of marble but more often wood and metal and were probably the earliest ancestor of what we know as end tables.

The modern end tables were made to accompany the creation of the living or sitting room, as people began to spend more time chatting and entertaining in these rooms. They were usually crafted to match larger more prominent pieces for the room like the cocktail or the coffee tables, so they were essentially identical pieces. Now, however, end tables themselves are the focus of the designers’ attention becoming stand-alone works of art.

An example of fine modern designer end tables is the Michael Weiss Modern Vanguard side table. It is a simple table that is as at home in the office as it is in the living or bedroom. This table comes with a modest drawer for storage space and an elevated shelf for convenience. This piece is made from quality wood making it a lasting investment.

One of the more exotic historic modern end tables is the lotus end table. This beautiful piece is inspired by classic Asian design but made to fit a contemporary life style in its construction and durability. It is constructed from bamboo with a fine caramelized finish that must be managed with care to keep its luster. Though the inspiration behind the piece is exotic it can easily fit into any decor and they feature a lower shelf, perfect for books or magazines or knickknacks and curios. May we suggest a current inspired version of this table from the Thom Filicia Home collection.

A shiny modern end table will attract compliments from all your guests due to its unique shape and style. This piece’s contemporary style confers a sense of class and adventure to the feel of your home.

You should never overlook the possibilities of the end table you’ve chosen to adorn your home with. Any good interior designer will tell you that a single piece of art work or furniture can be the staple around which a good decor can be based. The catalogue can help you find the end table that will help you push your home design forward.